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Inspections & Testing

All of our staff is knowledgable and trained within Alberta's Legislation, and Guidelines to the maximum requirements. With so much experience and worthy skills behind us, we can take on any project you have for us!

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Removal of Hazardous Materials

Calgary Mold Removal Inc. specializes in the disposal of hazardous waste, and is here to help protect the environment and yourself

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Our Certified Inspectors and Project Managers work together to create the required scope of work based on your specific situation

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Building Restoration

Whether you’ve got mold or asbestos in your home or commercial building, our trained and certified technicians will restore your property back to its original state without delay.

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Mold Inspection/Assessment & Quote

Mold requires a moisture source in order to start growing, this process can take as quickly as 24-48 hours. Our technicians are certified and specifically trained to look for a moisture ingress causing a mold issue. The tech will document the inspection - take photos, measurements, video or audio recordings of meetings to ensure nothing is missed any details you may have and answer any questions to provide suggestions. If an issue is apparent, we can provide you with a quote free of charge based off of the inspection and the techs recommendations suited best for your specific situation. Our quotes include detailed scopes of work, procedures, safety recommendations, company information, all materials included to get you from start-finish and the option to have a rebuild service added. Bringing your home back to its original state like nothing ever happened!

Green Mold micro image. Call Calgary Mold Removal today to get that pesky mold removed. Ceiling in need of major mold remediation. Calgary Mold Removal can remove and restore this back to its original state. Mold Caps growing out of a damp basement ceiling. Call us today to remove any mold in any room. Green Mold micro image. Call Calgary Mold Removal today to get that pesky mold removed.

Calgary Mold Removal Inc. does have an inspection fee. Why is it not FREE you ask? We would love to tell you! If a company is offering free services in the Mold & Asbestos Industry, it is not free! That company will need to regain their costs somewhere. Costs can be hidden in other services but in reality they are giving you advice that may provide them a larger advantage over the competition in the beginning of the process. In the end, you can almost bet that they will overcharge you. Where there is stress of Bio-Hazards, dont be fooled. Calgary Mold Removal Inc. has nothing to hide when it comes to pricing, we have All-In-Quotes, no hidden fees or expenses added on and have contracts in place to ensure you never have to worry about price increases.

Mold Inspections also include;

Moisture Meter. We use the best equipment available to ensure yours and your families safetyMoisture Meter: for moisture measurement on surfaces and Humidity Testing. If the moisture/humidity level is high, the possibility of mold increase.

Moisture Meter. We use the best equipment available to ensure yours and your families safetyBoroscope: this device has a high-resolution lens which provides us a visual image of mold or water damage in places that are not reachable.

Reports – Legal – Documentation:
Sometimes when dealing with Mold or Asbestos a project needs to be documented for Real Estate purposes, Legal Issues, Third Party Audits, Insurance and/or major disputes. Calgary Mold Removal Inc. will provide you with quality trained staff that will provide a minimum of Accredited Lab Reports, a Principle Investigator and a Review with a staff member that holds a minimum of a BCS of Medical Biochemistry. If you require documentation or a report, give our office a call and we will put you in contact with an Operations Manager to explain the process and find what best fits your needs.

Mold Tape Test or Mold Swab Test:
Mold Tape and Swab Test Kit. We have many means of finding the exact source and species of the mold infecting your home. Call us today
Tape sampling is the most common technique used to test surfaces for mold during an inspection. It is performed on a direct potential, visual mold sample available on-site. This provides valuable information when determining the extent of your situation, making your quote designed specifically for you and your issue. It informs us of the species of mold, the relative degree of contamination and the potential for airborne spore production. If no visual mold is present then this is not an option. If a company claims to be able to tell you the species of mold present by just looking at it without the proper testing, they are not following the policy of procedures as a viable company should.
All samples are tested by a 3rd party accredited lab located here in Calgary. The results are released to your email as well as a copy to the mold technician. A Calgary Mold Removal Inc. Tech will give you a follow up call to interpret the report, if any mold is detected we explain what your next options are, provide recommendations and provide a free quote for the removal.

Air Quality Testing:
Air Quality Testing Kit. Air Quality is extremely important. Don't leave it to chance and call us right away!
There are many reasons it makes sense to test your home’s air for pollutants that can affect your health and the wellbeing of your family. We recommend performing an annual air test regardless of symptoms or health issues that you may experience to ensure every breath you take is free of mold!
An Air Quality Testing of your home can give you the results of 32 potential mold species. For each mold sample, it takes between 5-20 minutes to test, including set up time and actual sample taking. This is the best way to determine the extent of the mold problem without destructive mold inspections. Indoor Air Quality should match the outside air quality and is measured by mold spore count. All of our testing is done in alliance with the IICRC guidelines, AHS standards and by a 3rd party accredited lab! Please call us at 403-680-2023 if you have any questions regarding our services or if you would like to book an appointment.

Asbestos Testing:

Asbestos Testing is done by our certified technicians which is conducted by gathering several small samples of the material for processing at a third-party laboratory. Materials containing >1% asbestos content arte considered asbestos containing materials and must be treated in accordance with the government regulations.
The Alberta Asbestos Abatement Manual is a guide published by Alberta OH&S that is used as a guide for determining compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act in the Province of Alberta. It covers basic information on asbestos, health hazards, requirements for worker protection, safe work practices and the basic principles to follow for the safe abatement of ACM. We encourage all property owners to educate themselves and spread awareness.
Sections 31 through 38 in Part 4 of the Alberta OH&S Code, October 2009, outline the requirements related to asbestos in buildings. The requirements of sections 34 through 38 are summarized below for your review;

- Buildings to be demolished are to have all materials with the potential of releasing asbestos fibers removed

- Buildings to be renovated must have materials with the potential of releasing asbestos fibers enclosed, encapsulated or removed

- Ensure that if a building is to be renovated, materials in the area of the renovation that could release asbestos fibers are encapsulated, enclosed or removed

- If asbestos-containing materials remain in place, a management plan is needed

- A Notification of Project must be submitted at least 72 hours prior to beginning activities that may release asbestos fibers

- Asbestos abatement must be completed by worker trained to perform the work safely, workers who enter a work area where it is anticipated that fiber levels will exceed the OEL (Restricted Work Area), are certified, and workers possess the original valid certification of completion course

- Asbestos waste is to be stored, transported and disposed of in sealed containers that are clearly labeled to identify the contents and that the contents should not be inhaled.
Calgary Mold Removal is a full restoration company specializing in the testing and removal of Mold and Asbestos from residential homes and Calgary businesses. Calgary Mold Removal has all of the experience and expertise required to deal with all sorts of hazardous materials, ensuring your home or office is left up to safety standards.

At Calgary Mold Removal, we offer and specialize in safe and cost-efficient decontamination of infectious materials including Mold, Lead, Asbestos, Mercury, PCB's and biological materials in Calgary and its surrounding areas.

We are fully insured, licensed and offer consistent service that is honest and effective. We operate using a comprehensive safety manual and have strict policies and procedures in place to ensure our staff, homeowners, trades and the public are not at risk.

Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to book an appointment.

Asbestos Removal/Abatement

Here at Calgary Mold Removal, we do more then just Mold. We also handle Asbestos abatements! We can take care of that dangerous and hazardous material for you safely and efficiently without you risking your life during a renovation, rebuild, or demolition. We can take care of small renovations to large demolitions and rebuilds for you so no need to worry about size! Calgary Mold Removal also tackles any other hazardous materials you may have from Lead, to Mercury and other dangerous metals and substances. Government paperwork? Do not worry, we handle all the paperwork and submit a NOP (Notification of Project) and wait a 72 hour period before we are allowed to start the abatement. When it comes to industry standards, trends, and innovations; we are the standard leading the way in a competitive market. Equipped with the best equipment on the market to ensure complete and total removal of any and all Asbestos containing material. Our technicians are the best in the industry, they are certified to remove any level of Asbestos and any other risks, and extremely knowledgable in the effects and hazards of Asbestos and they are at your service.

Asbestos Removal micro image on a piece of material. If you have any idea that Asbestos might be in your home, call us immedietly! Asbestos Abatement on a Asbestos ridden roof. Get any asbestos materials removed quickly, efficiently, and safely with Calgary Mold Removal Asbestos Removal micro image on a piece of material. If you have any idea that Asbestos might be in your home, call us immedietly! Asbestos sample laid in a dish. This is one of the most highly dangerous substances in the world! If you have any in your home call us right away! Asbestos sample laid in a dish. This is one of the most highly dangerous substances in the world! If you have any in your home call us right away!

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When it comes to warranties, most companies provide a nice and comforting 20 year warranty, but ours goes the extra mile and is for LIFE! We guarentee that not one bit of Asbestos will be left at the end of our Abatement.

Hospital being fumigated for Mold.


Our Inspectors and Project Managers are Certified and ready to work together and with you to create the required scope that suits the situation. Calgary Mold Removal Inc. specializes in finding, and eliminating Mold Sources before the beginning of a remediation. If you do not do this, a remediation is only temporary. If we cannot find a distinct reason for what has caused the mold, we can still build in features that will prevent the spread of continual mold growth. In our 10+ years of service we have never been unable to find the cause of growth or had a duplicate issue of mold growth once our services have been provided. Our team of certified technicians will perform the mold remediation with an assigned Project Manager keeping you up-to-date throughout the entire process. We document before, during and after so you can see the quality of workmanship and offer Air Quality Testing to give clearance by a 3rd party, ensuring your home is mold free!


Our Project Managers and Construction Department work closely with one another and with you to ensure that when we start the restoration or rebuild of your home, that you feel you are getting exactly what you asked for. Whether that is restoring it back to its original condition, or providing improvements for the renewal of your new home. We would absolutely love to hear your ideas! Here at Calgary Mold Removal, we hire qualified and respectable trades, either on our staff or on retainer and have gone through a very comprehensive review process giving you the highest quality of work available.

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